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Pula Suites Boutique Resort offers you the opportunity to discover the history and culture of our island, and how it makes us special. See how the climate and soil of the island influences the flavour of its wines to make them the perfect complement for Mallorcan gastronomy. Visit some of the most characteristic vineyards on the island.

Soak yourself in the deep blue tones of the Mediterranean, whether on the sea itself, sailing in one of the iconic llaüts, or in the sky, making a graceful ascent in an aerostatic balloon. You can also appreciate the green shades of the island’s best golf courses or explore the nature trails on foot or bicycle in total freedom.

actividades bodegas oliver pula suites

The glory of the land
Oliver Wineries

Everything counts in the art of making wine: the range of influences is virtually endless, because the environment, nature and the manufacturing process are equally infinite in their variety. Producing quality grapes requires in-depth research and a unique process that relies on careful observation, planning and the use of modern equipment. Even so, the results never fail to surprise us.


The new motto of the wineries (“Wines with stories”) we want to tell stories spinning around a bottle of wine and showing us that you find the true inspiration in people.


Wine is characterised by the land, the climate and a whole host of different circumstances. Some things you can control and regulate, while others you can’t. Nature and people, for example. This is a team effort in which each individual factor and every moment counts; for example, sometimes it rains, then it suddenly stops again. You have to husband the vineyard and...
The vines, pruning them and monitoring their development meticulously.
You also have to take into account the quality of the soil, its cultivation, the humidity and the vagaries of the weather. In addition to the natural environment, you have all the man-made elements such as the casks and the centuries-old vault. All of these contributory factors go into the character of a wine, just as human DNA determines the make-up of an individual person. So you can call it a sort of ‘wine DNA’ which is constantly reinventing itself and culminates on the palate of the wine connoisseur.

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The culture of wine
Conde de Suyrot wineries

We could simply talk to you about the magic of this place, about the quality of the terroir and the unique vineyards that lie between the sea and the mountains. About the character of each of our handcrafted wines is proofed for its excellence. And we furthermore could continue telling you how Conde Fabrice de Suyrot felt in love with this land and changed it with his vineyards in Bordeaux.

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A little bit of history
Son Sudera Ric wineries

The lands of Son Sureda Ric belonged to the Alquería de Sa Sínia portion that King Jaime I donated to his knight Nuno Sanç, after the conquest of Mallorca (1231). This started a process of dividing the estate. The first news of the Suredas, as owners of the "possessió", date back to 1471. In October 1478, Bartomeu Sureda divided the estate between his two sons and was thus divided into Son Sureda Pobre and Son Sureda Ric.

The male line of the Sureda de Son Sureda Ric became extinct in 1759, by donation of Guillem Sureda to his nephew Llorenç Más. The reform of the buildings also dates from these dates, whose appearance and interior and exterior structure has been maintained until today.
In 1828, Jaume Más (Llorenç's son) had the chapel built for his son Juan Más (Father Julián), who in 1826 took the habit of Patriarch Santo Domingo in the Manacor convent. This family passed for one of the most supportive of D. Carlos. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the Carlist attempt of 35, Father Julián was counted among those involved. To flee from the enemies he hid in Son Sureda until, seeing that he could not continue, he unexpectedly fled to take a ship to Sardinia, from where he would never return.

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Ready for take off!
Mallorca Ballons

Everybody can help to build the balloon. When the balloon is half fill the flames of the burners break the silence of the morning and the sail starts to rise. Your moment has come! Everybody into the basket…Once, when everyone is inside we will take off. After these exciting moments it come the calm. Meter after meter we rise softly and we start to contemplate the landscape. Soon you will see Cabrera and when we reach 300 or 500 meters, we probably can see Menorca. The silence and the feeling of freedom are unique. Villages, country houses and hills are underneath your feeds.

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Walk around Majorca
Vía Verde

The greenway is a path that has been conditioned for access by bicycle or on foot, and that runs along the old railway line that linked Manacor with Artà, passing through the towns of Sant Llorenç, Son Carrió and Son Servera.

The proximity of Cala Millor, Cala Bona and also of Sa Coma, makes it a good option to enjoy these inland towns and easily cross rural areas far from the coast.

Distance: 28,53 km.
Difficulty: Low
Itinerary: Manacor, Sant Llorenç, Son Carrió, Son Servera y Artà

From the Hotel we have our own access to the greenway, in addition to the ones that exist throughout it. From this access we have the possibility to choose two options: on the left side at 2.8 km we will find first with Son Servera which, together with its Església Nova, the old washing places and the parish of San Juan Bautista, are interesting places to visit. The village also has access to the newly built bike path that links the coastal areas of Cala Millor, Cala Bona and the Costa de los Pinos, a little after leaving the old railway station.

At about 19 km, following the same direction we will find the capital of the east: Manacor.

The second option is to take the direction of the right that takes us to Artà some 5.8 km away. Along with the Sanctuary of San Salvador, the parish of the Transfiguration of the Lord, the regional museum and the Talayotic town of Ses Païses preserves its charm, not far from the coast.

Check other options of the greenway with the Guest Experience department.

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Magical sport
Golf in Mallorca

Mallorca has the perfect weather and a wide range of golf courses for the golf lovers.

Pula Suites Boutique Resort is located in a less than 15 minute drive from the best courses in Mallorca. Stay with us and you will enjoy green fee price reductions in golf courses all across the island.

Pula Golf: Golf was founded in 1995 and completely redesigned by José María Olazábal between 2004 and 2006. Pula Golf has become the scene of very important events like the PGA European Tour Championships Mallorca, Mallorca Skin Games or Olazábal & Nadal Invitational, among others. Located 0km from the hotel a large and neat golf course, par 72 with 18 holes.

Son Servera: Son Servera is, for the greatest part, a gently undulating parkland course with generous fairways and rough kept to a length where finding the off line shot does not cause too many difficulties. Located 3km from the hotel, par 72 with 18 holes.

Capdepera Golf: was designed by famous US golf architect Dan Maples. The Hole 15 up in the mountains with a panoramic view all the way to the coast was continuously voted the most beautiful hole on the island by Mallorca Magazine. Located 12km from the hotel, par 72 with 18 holes.

Canyamel Golf: Natural and gorgeous due to the quality of the greens, its main attribute. Very fast greens, undulations and perfectly kept fairways. Located 8km from the hotel, par 73 with 18 holes.

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Pula Suites Boutique Resorts
Privilege Tennis

Pula Suites in collaboration with Privilege Tennis offers first class tennis coaching, personalised for each individual or group. From private lessons, clinics or events to inspire and challenge guests of all ages and levels to improve their skills during their holidays.